Spring 2021 Girls Team Info

Link to Coach’s Google Doc for full details.

Pre-Season Dates

January 7, 2021 (Thurs)
2:30pm – Pre-Season Player Meeting In Person

January 12-14
2:30-4:00pm – Pre-Season Player Conditioning

January 19
2:30pm – Regular Practice Begins

Paperwork / Eligibility

In order to participate and begin practicing with the team all players must have turned in the following:

  • Registration (Team Snap)
  • Official signed, current physical – including proof of insurance (DragonFly)
  • Dues paid
  • Students must be in good academic standing

Player Dues and Fundraising

Dues for the 2021 Girls Lacrosse Team are $350 and are due prior to the first game. This is $150 lower than last season. If anyone needs to set up a payment plan or apply for hardship, please meet with Coach Pardus and/or Coach Villalobos to discuss and follow proper application process.

**In addition to player dues, ALL players are expected to participate in team fundraising presented to them by the Booster Club. Fundraising DOES NOT take place of team dues. With the decrease in dues this year, fundraising is going to be even more important and essential to building out program.

We have also added new sponsorship opportunities for the season. Please refer to our sponsorship information sheet for more details. SPONSORSHIPS CAN REPLACE TEAM DUES IF THE AMOUNT DONATED COVERS A PLAYERS FEES.

Rules & Regulations

Refer to the Girls 2021 season info Google Doc for information about:

  • Regular season practice and games
  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Player conduct
  • Parent involvement
  • Parent communication (24-hour rule)

Team Snap

Registration, rosters, schedule, game-day assignments are all managed through Team Snap. Great phone app, too. Use it. Love it. Team Snap.

DragonFly – Medical Certification

Upload player physicals to DragonFly.

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