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Rosters and Stats


Varsity Roster

2023 Norcross Boys Lacrosse Roster
# Name Grade
3 Connor Abshire 12th
4 Corey Crenshaw 11th
5 Thomas Dye 11th
6 Patrick Farley 9th
7 Alex Kerr 11th
8 Nick Thomas 10th
9 Christopher Gonzalez-Paz 10th
10 Gavin Abshire 9th
11 Nathaniel Butler 12th
12 Parker Waugh 12th
14 Joshua Farley 12th
15 Yousae Browning 11th
16 Isreal Sanchez 9th
17 Ben Burke 9th
22 Justin Smith 12th
24 Bennet Newsham 12th
31 Thomas Bernard 9th
33 Dylan Riegert 11th
36 Daniel Wittlin 11th
40 Spencer Purdy 9th
42 Jayden Palmer King 10th

Coaching Staff