Pre-Season Important Dates

Parent Information Meeting (October 22)
Pre-Season Player Meeting (December 12- After School)
Pre-Season Player Conditioning (January 7)
Regular Practice Begins (January 21)

Player Evaluations and Paperwork

Player Evaluations will take place January 21-23. These evaluations will be used to determine JV and Varsity rosters. In order to participate and begin practicing with the team all players must have turned in the following:

  • Registration (Team Snap)
  • Official signed, current physical – including proof of insurance (DragonFly)
  • Signed parent/player agreement
  • Dues paid
  • Students must be in good academic standing

Regular Season Practice

Players’ presence at all practices and games is essential to us having a successful season and important for the growth and sustainability of the NHS Lacrosse program. Regular season practices will begin on January 21, 2020 and are daily, Monday-Friday until games begin. Adjusted practice schedule will apply once game weeks begin. Players are responsible for making sure they know where and when practice begins. Players who fail to be dressed and ready to begin practice on time may be subject to extra conditioning or other appropriate disciplinary action.

Attendance at ALL practices is MANDATORY with the only exception being made for legitimate illness/injury, Religious Holiday, or other pre-approved excuse. Players and parents must communicate via email, call, or text if they are going to miss practice. Players that miss practice for any reason, including certain excused absences, are subject to extra conditioning and/or game suspensions.

Player Dues and Fundraising

Player dues are critical to the functioning of the lacrosse team. The dues cover a variety of team expenses including, uniforms, coaching, transportation, team equipment, etc.

The dues for the 2020 Boys Lacrosse Team are $500 if paid by December 15, 2018. After December 15, the dues will increase to $550. If anyone needs to set up a payment plan or apply for hardship, please meet with Coach Thornton to discuss and follow proper application process.

**In addition to player dues, ALL players are expected to participate in team fundraising presented to them by the Booster Club. Fundraising DOES NOT take place of team dues.


Players will be issued uniforms at the beginning of the season. Team members must return team uniforms (clean) at the end of the season. If at any time a player plans to leave Norcross High School or leave the team, all team uniforms must be returned immediately. A lost uniform will be charged to the player that the uniform has been issued.


Equipment can be provided by the school, but it is recommended that you buy your own. The following items are required:

  • Team Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Arm Pads
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Cleats (Must Purchase)
  • Cup

Player Conduct

You represent Norcross Lacrosse at school, on the field, and away from school. You are responsible for your actions. We expect you to represent Norcross Lacrosse in a positive manner. Players that choose to act outside of the expectations set forth by the team will be subject to suspension and/or dismissal from the team.

Parent Communication

Parent communication is encouraged and expected. Individual meetings may be held with Coach Thornton to discuss concerns about your son and your son only. Please adhere to the 24 Hour Rule when wanting to discuss something after a game.

Team Snap

We will be using Team Snap for all registration and communication purposes. A web link will be sent out that allows you to register with the team. Once registered, players can be put on the roster, pay their dues, and communicate with the team. All players must be registered on Team Snap.

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